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He has long awaited the chance to stuff his dick in Erin. This lad has had a crush on her for years, but only just recently started chatting her up. But Erin is a chick who grinds not like to rush things. The girl likes to make you wait and suffer, but it pays off once you get her nakedŠThis guy has been secretly in love with Erin for years.

He met her a long time ago at college, where he would stare at her from across the classroom or in the hallway, but not for so long that it would appear creepy. If she ever caught him gazing in her direction, he would quickly look the other way and blush from neck to forehead. It was quite embarrassing, really.

Then, later, he began sending her anonymous love letters. Not emails or text messages, but actual handwritten love letters straight to the physical mailbox of her home. After a while she began to suspect who they were coming from and she approached him.

They lived in the same neighborhood and Erin always thought he was kind of shy but also adorable, so she thought it a good idea that they talk and get to know each other. One thing lead to another and soon they were spending a lot of time together. Finally, today is the day that they get it on!

This dude's cock is so hard that it looks like propping a freaking tent inside his pants. He is ready to knock off pretty little Erin in her innocent hole and make her scream like a teen !

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